Sustainability is one of the key success factors in the company’s business strategy. Kotkamills is committed to managing and developing its business in a sustainable manner. We use raw materials, energy and other resources efficiently. Our products are mainly produced from renewable raw materials, are recyclable and safe to use.

Environmental issues are part of our everyday operations. We address sustainability throughout our value chain, and we expect our suppliers and partners to do the same. The location of our mills next to Kotka town centre and by the shores of the delicate Gulf of Finland and its archipelago requires us to operate predictably and communicate actively with our closest stakeholders.

The company is self-sufficient in terms of electricity and heat energy. The energy production plants consist of the combined-cycle heat and power plant using natural gas as fuel and of the soda recovery boiler which is fuelled with the black liquor (biofuel) from the pulp mill. Almost half of the energy used at the site is generated by renewable fuels.

Our wood is procured from Finnish wood suppliers, which verifies the origin of wood and fibre and ensures the legality of the fibre sources. Our environmental management system is based on the ISO 14001 standard, and our chain-of-custody is certified according to PEFC and FSC.

Sustainability is part of the development of our products. Wood raw material itself is an ecological and sound choice for many purposes in joinery and construction. Wood contributes to a healthy living environment and is increasingly appreciated by today’s designers.

Absorbex Eco saturating base kraft paper makes use of selected recycled fibre raw material. The recycled fibre is collected close to the paper mill in order to minimise the environmental load caused by transportation, and it is mixed at the mill with virgin fibre from sawdust. Calculations show that the production processes of the Eco products reduce the mill’s emissions to water and air, compared to traditional products.

End products produced from Absorbex store significant amounts of the carbon dioxide fixed in them for dozens of years.

With Kotkamills' Consumer Board products we take great pride in leading the way to a more sustainable future in food service and packaging board. All our products are easily recyclable and safe to use.