Kotkamills' graffiti video in view

Kotkamills Oy and the Street Art Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, carried out a co-operative street art project at Kotkamills’ area in Kotka in October 2014. This art project called ‘Objects of Nature’ is a result of long-term relationship between Kotkamills Oy and its Russian laminate-producing customer who has established a Street Art Museum in St. Petersburg. The museum offered Kotkamills Oy a possibility to obtain a work of art to its facility in Kotka, targeting to consolidate the industrial environment and public art.

In this project the Russian artists of Aesthetics Group Petro and Slak painted an image based on the motives of northern nature transformed in abstract fragments to the facade of impregnation mill of Kotkamills Oy.

Have a look at our video of this project in YouTube, shot by Topi Järvinen who works as Maintenance Engineer in Kotkamills Oy.

News 2014