Kotkamills' Hans taking part in Project FishRun

Project FishRun is a competition that aims to increase awareness about the near distinct stocks of native salmon, and to fund the vital research and restoration programs on salmon rivers. The project is based on a scientific research program, in which radio transmitters are mounted on the fish to find out where and how they move during their migration up to the river to spawn. Project FishRun views this as a sports event.

Kotkamills Oy is supporting a salmon called Hans in this race. The name Hans was given as an honour to Hans Gutzeit who established the first sawmill on Kotka island 140 years ago, in November 1872.

Project FishRun events provide entertaining way to learn about problems of the fishstocks, and to raise wider attention about the subject. People can cheer their favorite fish and companies can help to save the salmon from distinction. The first FishRun event has now started at river Kymi, Finland and will reach its goal on October 15th, 2012. The race can be followed in English in the address

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