25th anniversary of Solaris printing paper

The rebuilding project of PM2 at Kotka mill to suit for coated paper production was finished in May 1987. The start-up test runs were started on May 10th 1987 with newsprint runs and the production of coated Solaris printing paper began on May 23rd. Therefore, today in May 2012 we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Solaris printing paper.

According to a local newspaper from 1987 the start-up was successful as a whole. Now, after 25 years of production, it is evident that PM2 has produced excellent printing paper for publishers and printing houses, the latest novelty being Solaris Brite with higher brightness. During 25 years we have gained experience in producing over 3 million tons of Solaris.

The trade mark of our printing paper has been registered on the main markets and therefore we proudly present our products Solaris® and Solaris® Brite to customers all over the world.

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