Kotkamills Oy invests in environmental protection

Along with the board machinery investment, special attention has also been put on the environmental issues: more than 5 MEUR additional investment in the effluent treatment plant reduces fresh water usage and improves the cleanliness of the waste water by a great deal. The supplier of this investment is a Finnish company Flootech Oy.

Moreover, the current refiners producing mechanical pulp from chips will be replaced by a new, significantly more energy efficient refiner that will be used in the production of CTMP used as middle layer of board products. The new refiner will remarkably reduce the use of electricity while simultaneously increasing the steam production capacity, compared to the old refiners. The supplier of this investment is Valmet Technologies.

Press Release (in Finnish)
Kotkamills Oy investoi ympäristönsuojeluun 011215.pdf