Kotkamills' oasis

Kotkamills Oy together with the city of Kotka have created their own “oasis” in the heart of Kotka town by installing some steel palms and plywood camels to the fence of sawdust and chips storage area of Kotka mill.

The idea came from the town gardener as people have been speaking about this storage area as “Kotka's Sahara”. This piece of art suits well to its surroundings as the sawdust and chips piles resemble sand dunes of a desert. The people of Kotka have been delighted about this new entertaining decoration nearby the Sapokka guest harbor.

The plywood used for the camels has been produced by a Finnish company Kwellick Oy who overlaid the panels with Kotkamills’ Imprex® Painting Film. On the spot the plywood camels were finally painted.

Come and see our new oasis!

News 2013