Kotkamills’ booth attracted visitors in Ligna 2013

Kotkamills Oy and its subsidiary L.P. Pacific Films Sdn. Bhd. wish to say thanks to all visitors who stopped by  at the company’s Ligna booth in the beginning of May.

At Kotkamills booth we had two interesting end products made out of our products to show to the audience. Firstly, blue and green compact laminate tables with a Kotkamills logo symbol cut as a groove on them. The laminate plate for these tables was produced by Formica Iki and the cutting into table form as well as the groove cutting was made by Mesitek Oy. Both companies operate in Finland. The black core of the compact laminate was pressed together from dozens of layers of Kotkamills’ Absorbex® paper sheets that were first treated with phenolic resin.

Another interesting end product shown was plywood panels overlaid with light-colored  Imprex® Novox® and thereafter digitally printed. For example, we had a big eagle-illustrated plywood panel on the booth wall. The image of eagle was chosen because Kotkamills is located in the town of Kotka in Finland and the word “kotka” is the equivalent for eagle in Finnish language. The plywood was produced and overlaid by a Finnish company Kwellick Oy and the digital printing was made by Arazzo Oy. Imprex® Novox® overlaid plywood panels produced by Kwellick Oy were used also on the walls of service desk at the booth.

For further questions on these applications, please contact our sales personnel.

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