Kotkamills’ sawmill is an efficient and modern facility that produces high quality spruce products for demanding joinery and construction purposes.

The main end uses of our sawn products are profile boards, planed-around items, different parts of wooden houses, glued beams, basic construction and packaging. Our sawn products simultaneously have high strength properties and a visually high-class appearance, and are an excellent choice for these end uses.

Spruce logs are procured from certified forests in Finland.

The by-products of the sawmill, sawdust and wood chips, are used at Kotka mill as raw materials of other products: sawdust to Absorbex
saturating base kraft paper and wood chips to Consumer Boards. Bark is used in energy production locally.

Kotkamills’ spruce products are made for demanding joinery and construction purposes. A combination of high visual quality with good strength properties makes the products excellent for any end use.