140th Anniversary of Wood Processing in Kotka

The history of the company Kotkamills Oy dates back only to 1 July 2010 but the history of continuous wood processing on the island of Kotka at the very same site of today’s Kotkamills started already 140 years ago as Norwegian Hans Gutzeit built a sawmill on the Kotka island in 1872.  The start-up of the biggest and most modern sawmill at the time was celebrated on November 16th, 1872 and that is why Kotkamills Oy  wishes to honour the tradition of the 140 years of history at the site.

Hans Gutzeit brought nearly one hundred Norwegian sawmill workers with their families to work in Kotka, which made the town livelier and created a foundation of Norwegian community in Kotka area. The sawmill was named after Norwegians “Norjan saha”, a sawmill of Norway in English.

Kotkamills Oy today still has a modern sawmill which produces whitewood sawn and planed goods and during the past decades the company has made its name well-known of the paper products. Absorbex laminating paper and its resin treated version, Imprex, as well as Solaris printing paper form a largest part of the turnover of the company these days. Although everything started from sawmilling, the paper production has long traditions, too, as Absorbex has been produced for nearly 60 years, Imprex approximately for 50 years and Solaris for 25 years.

Kotkamills Oy today is an independent company producing high quality products and serving its customers all over the world. The company has a production line for Absorbex paper also in Imatra, Finland, and a subsidiary L.P. Pacific Films Sdn. Bhd.  producing Imprex products in Malaysia.

During the year 2012 we will continue telling about our 140-year-old history on this website from different perspectives. We are proud to continue the story of wood here in Kotka!

More information about the history of Kotkamills.