Invoicing Instructions

From September 1, 2017 onwards Kotkamills Oy and its subsidiaries Kotkamills Absorbex Oy and Kotkamills Wood Oy will each have their own invoicing instructions.

In order to see the instructions, please choose the company to be invoiced in the list on the right or below.

The subsidiaries will receive invoices related to the business in question whereas Kotkamills Oy will consist of the consumer board business, administration and support functions from September 1, 2017 onwards.

In case the company to be invoiced is not clear, please contact the subscriber.
We ask you to send electronic invoices. All the invoices shall include the purchase order number. In the absence of the number the name of the subscriber shall be used as reference.
If electronic invoices cannot be sent, the paper invoices shall be sent to invoicing address mentioned in each company’s invoicing instructions or by e-mail to address:

Invoicing Instructions, Kotkamills Oy

Invoicing Instructions, Kotkamills Absorbex Oy

Invoicing Instructions, Kotkamills Wood Oy